2021 Nevada Commission for Persons Who are Deaf or Hard fo Hearing Agenda and Meeting Materials

Agenda and Minutes are removed after one year. Please contact Carson City Administrative office for archived files.



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2021 Nevada Commission for Persons Who are Deaf or Hard fo Hearing Agenda and Meeting Materials
Deaf Commission Meeting
09:30 AM
11.30.2021 Deaf Commission Agenda11.30.21_Approved Minutes9.16.21 Draft Deaf Commission MinutesCAS program report 11.09.2021Director's ReportInterim Session Priorities(draft)
Outreach Subcommittee Meeting
10.14.2021 Deaf Commission Outreach AgendaDraft 2.17.2021 Outreach Minutes
Deaf Commission Meeting
09:00 AM
916.2021 Deaf Commission Agenda9.16.2021 Deaf Commission MinutesDraft 7.15.2021 Deaf Commission MinutesDraft Strategic Plan Plan CAS September Program Updates
Strategic Plan Subcommittee Meeting
12:00 PM
8.25.2021 Strategic Plan Subcommittee AgendaStrategic Plan Draft8.25.2021 Strategic Plan Subcommittee Draft Minutes
Deaf Commission Meeting
09:00 AM
7.15.2021 AgendaApproved 7.15.21 Deaf Commission Minutes5.13.2021 Draft MinutesCAS Program Report 7.15.2021SB179 OverviewInterim Session Priorities Spearman Letter Revised Letter to Senator SpearmanADARA Update
Deaf Commission Meeting
09:00 AM
5.13.2021 AgendaApproved 5.13.2021 MinutesDraft 4.22.2021 MinutesDraft Strategic State PlanSB203 Final Criteria DocumentCAS 5.13.2021 Program ReportProposed PoliciesDirectors May Report
Deaf Commission Emergency Meeting
09:00 AM
4.22.21 AgendaApproved 4.22.2021 Minutes3.11.2021 Draft MinutesLetter NLVPD J.ReditsCulture Sensitivity and Accessibility LetterLetter to N.LV Police 4.19.21
Deaf Commission Meeting
09:00 AM
3.11.2021 AgendaApproved 3.11.2021 MinutesDraft 1.29.2021 Special Session MinutesDeaf and Hard of Hearing Survey QuestionsMarch Directors ReportOutreach Strategic Plan UpdateRelay Nevada ReportCommission Logo OptionsCAS March Report
Deaf Commission Outreach Subcommittee Meeting
10:00 AM
2.17.2021 Outreach AgendaDraft 10.23.2020 MinutesSurvey QuestionsDiversity InitiativesWorkshop Ideas Draft 2.17.2021 Minutes
Deaf Commission Special Meeting
09:00 AM
1.29.2021 Meeting Agenda1.29.2021 Approved MinutesLegislative Talking PointsBill Watch ListStrategic Plan Recommendations
Deaf Commission Meeting
09:00 AM
1.14.2021 Deaf Commission AgendaApproved 1.14.2021 MinutesDraft 11.10.2020 Meeting MinutesDirectors January 2021 ReportCAS January 2021 ReportLogo Idea #6Logo Idea #7Legislative Advocacy 81st SessionStrategic Plan RecommendationsLegislative-Activities