Nevada Commissionon Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) - Community Education Subcommittee

Aging and Disability Services Administrative Office

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Carson City, NV 89706
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Community Education Subcommittee

CASD Goal 4: Promote a well-informed, empowered and supportive Nevada population around the issue of ASD.


Objective 4.1  Establish a statewide education and outreach campaign regarding ASD.

    4.1.1  Coordinate with the Division of Public and Behavioral Health to establish and implement a statewide community education campaign.

              Develop outreach materials for billboards, posters and flyers specifically for rural Nevada.

     4.1.2  Redevelop the 100-Day Toolkit to incorporate a 365-Day timeframe to support parents and individuals in Nevada who have been diagnosed with ASD.

Objective 4.2  Develop a navigational network of support families in accessing information, services and a peer network for support.

    4.2.1  Development of a parent-driven peer support network statewide that provides information, education, support and advocacy.

    4.2.2  Development of a website that supports access to information, resources and connection to peer support network.