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Additonal ATAP Information

Autism Treatment Assistance Program (ATAP) was created to assist parents and caregivers with the expensive cost of providing Autism-specific treatments to their child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

ATAP provides a monthly allotment to pay for on-going treatment development, supervision and a limited amount of weekly intervention hours based upon a child’s individual treatment plan, age, and income.

ATAP is an assistance program and the monthly allotment is intended to help parents pay for treatment. It is understood that the funding provided by ATAP will not pay for all of the recommended hours of treatment. It is our hope that parents can help to fund additional hours of treatment.  However, ATAP recognizes not all parents can afford to do so.

ATAP only funds treatments which have been proven by research to be evidence-based including Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), Verbal Behavioral (VB), and Pivotal Response (PRT) programs. Covered services include program training; development and supervision; daily intervention hours; and essential tools, supplies or equipment. ATAP may also fund Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy when other resources do not provide coverage.

    Target Population

    Individuals who reside in the State of Nevada who are under age 19 and are diagnosed as a person with a Autism Spectrum Disorder by a physician, psychologist, child/adolescent psychiatrist, pediatric neurologist or other qualified professional. A diagnosis from a multidisciplinary team is acceptable when in accompanied by an appropriate assessment report.


      ATAP uses Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) techniques for increasing useful behaviors and reducing those that may be harmful or that interfere with learning, in order to address socially important problems, and to bring about meaningful behavior change. The ATAP program uses a Supervision Tier Structure designed to protect the child’s budget by limiting what providers can charge and ensuring a basic level of treatment supervision is received and expected on a monthly basis.

      ATAP contains a variety of plan types.  The plan type is selected during a collaborative assessment between the ATAP care manager, provider, and parent.  The program types contain a variety of required hours ranging from 25 hours a week in the comprehensive plan to 10 hours a week in the basic plan and are designed to address each child’s individual needs.

        For Additional Information

        For additional information on the Autism Treatment Assistance Program offered by the Aging and Disability Services Division, please contact an ATAP Coordinator:

        Carson City Administrative Office - ATAP Program

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         (775) 687-2497 (Spanish)