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The Nevada Interpreter/CART Registry (the Registry) is a list of sign language interpreters and Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) providers (NRS 656A.080) who meet the minimum qualifications in this State as required by Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) 656A (NRS 656A.100)

All sign language interpreters and CART providers must be registered in order to practice in the State of Nevada (NRS 656A.800). See below for exceptions.

An “interpreter” is anyone engaging in the practice of interpreting (the facilitation of communication between persons who are deaf or whose hearing is impaired and other persons). (NRS 656A.060)

A “CART provider” or “realtime captioner” is anyone engaging in the practice of the immediate, verbatim translation of the spoken word into English text using a stenographic machine or voice recognition software, and a computer and realtime captioning software. (NRS 656A.025)


    (NRS 56A.515) A consumer of interpreting or CART services who is dissatisfied with the services provided by an Interpreter or CART provider may file a complaint.  A person can file a complaint in person, on the phone or Video Phone, via email, or by completing the complaint form.

      Registration Requirements

      Specific requirements for Registration, scope of practice restrictions, renewal requirements, and definitions of settings can be found in Information on Registry Classifications.


        There are seven (7) classifications of interpreters, and one (1) classification of CART Providers:

        Community - Apprentice (NAC 656A.240)

        (EIPA 3.5 - 3.9, or Deaf Interpreter)

        Community - Skilled (NAC 656A.250)

        (RID Certification, or EIPA 4.0+ and EIPA - Written Test)

        Community - Advanced (NAC 656A.260)

        (RID Advanced Certification(s))

        Community - Master (NAC 656A.270)

        (RID Master Certification(s))

        CART Provider (NAC 656A.230)

        (NCRA or CCRBN Certification)

        Educational - Apprentice (NAC 656A.290)

        (EIPA 3.0 and EIPA - Written Test)

        Educational - Intermediate (NAC 656A.300)

        (EIPA 3.1 - 3.9 and EIPA - Written Test)

        Educational - Advanced (NAC 656A.310)

        (EIPA 4.0+ and EIPA - Written Test or RID Certification and EIPA - Written Test)


          (NRS 656A) Individuals who practice interpreting or CART do not have to register:

          • If s/he is licensed in another state, and provides services in this State for not more than 30 days in a calendar year; or
          • Engages in the practice of interpreting or CART only for meetings of nonprofit civic or religious organizations; or
          • Engages in the practice of interpreting or CART for an emergency medical or governmental incident; or
          • Engages in the practice of interpreting in a social situation that does not require a qualified interpreter according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).