Interpreter Professional Development and Mentorship Program

CAS Professional Development

The Communication Access Services (CAS) program offers a variety of professional development opportunities for signed language interpreters in the State. The CAS interpreter mentors offer training for school district interpreters, workshops for working and student interpreters, and short online webinars. 
  • Professional Development Day trainings and Professional Learning Communities facilitation for school district interpreters.                                                                                                      If you would like to request a training or PLC facilitation for the interpreters at your Nevada school district, please submit a request by filling out this form:
  • Study groups for national certification and EIPA.                                                                          If you would like assistance in preparing for a national certification knowledge or performance exam, or the EIPA knowledge or performance exam and you are an interpreter in Nevada, please contact us!

CAS Mentorship

The CAS interpreter mentoring program takes a holistic approach to mentoring while focusing on developing self-analysis skills. There is so much more to interpreting than just interpreting skills. The holistic approach allows for a broader understanding of the real-life complexities that impact the interpreting process and product. Developing self-analysis skills gives interpreters the flexibility and self-determination to guide their own professional learning needs for the rest of their career.

Participants should expect to spend 2 to 3 hours per week on mentoring activities including regular meetings with their mentor.

Time spent in the program will depend on the needs of each individual with a maximum of 2-years. Priority is given to interpreters who reside in underserved areas of the state and applications may be placed on the waitlist.

Participation in the program is free and available to interpreters who live in and/or primarily work as an interpreter in Nevada.


  1. Complete the form at:
  2. You will receive a follow up email with instructions to create and submit the video portion of the application.

Please contact us with any questions!

    Meet the Mentors


    Close up photo of Jeff JaechJeff Jaech, CI and CT
    Jeff Jaech, MA, CI, CT, is a CAS interpreter/mentor. He has been interpreting professionally since 1986 in a wide variety of settings. He has also been an interpreter educator since 1997, teaching numerous workshops and in ITPs throughout the country. He holds a master’s degree in clinical psychology from Columbia University Teachers College. He worked for the Gallaudet University Regional Center as the coordinator of a federal interpreter training grant project. Since then, he has coordinated accommodations for Deaf/hard of hearing students, faculty, and staff at Columbia University Teachers College and the University of Oregon. 


    Close up photo of Megan JohnsonMegan Johnson, NIC, EIPA 5.0 
    Megan Johnson, NIC, EIPA 5.0, has been interpreting for 15+ years. As a nomad at heart, she has lived and worked in five states and Washington, D.C. She has had the opportunity to interpret all over the US and the world. After many years as a freelance interpreter, she turned to higher education where she interpreted and coordinated services for students with sensory disabilities. Megan is currently working for the State of Nevada as a Sign Language Interpreter Mentor. Her life’s work is to leave the world a little bit better than she found it and is thrilled to be working with the Deaf and interpreting communities in Nevada. 

    Michelle Montelongo, NAD IV 

    Michelle Montelongo, RID/NAD IV, has interpreted for over 20 years, specializing in mental health, congressional, and post-secondary with an emphasis on STEM.  For over a decade she served as Interpreter/Cultural Consultant for the Kern County Mental Health System of Care. During her tenure she trained clinical and psychiatric staff in the dynamics of working with interpreters and DHH population.  Her congressional experience ranges from being a contracted Congressional Interpreter for the U.S. Senate's Special Services Department in Washington D.C., touring with California's Governor's Commission, serving as Lead Interpreter for Deaf-Blind Young Adults in Action, and Helen Keller World Conference in Uganda, where she trained mental health professionals on intakes for DHH consumers.  Her collegiate work includes several campuses within the California State University System, University of California, Yale, and Brown University. She served as Supervision Leader/Mentor for Western Oregon University, and Supervision Leader for Robyn Dean's Interpreting Institute for Reflection-in-Action and Supervision (IIRAS). 

      Other Opportunities

      The Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, Aging and Disability Services Division is not affiliated with the listed organization(s) and does not guarantee the quality and/or content of the service(s).  This information is being provided as a community service.
      • American Sign Language Interpreting Services (ASLIS) offers frequent online workshops and webinars. They also have independent study opportunities: 
      • Center for Atypical Language Interpreting (CALI) offers self-paced modules on interpreting for individuals who exhibit atypical language use:
      • CATIE Center focuses on healthcare and mental health interpreting through a variety of online courses: 
      • I.CEU Central offers a wide range of self-paced opportunities including webinars, book clubs, and podcasts:
      • Language First provides online webinars to promote bilingual education for deaf children:
      • Sign Language Studios offers workshops, book studies, and mentoring:

      If you are looking for a non-CAS mentor, please check out this list for available mentors