Nevada Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) - Funding and Insurance Subcommittee

Funding and Insurance Subcommittee

CASD Goal 1:  Maximize public and private funding sources to support the full scope of services needed for all Nevadans with ASD.

 Objective 1.1  Secure state and federal funding, grants and other resources to ensure adequate service delivery.

      1.1.1  Advocate and provide legislative testimony to support funding for services that support individuals with ASD.

      1.1.2  Provide letters of support to statewide agencies and non-profit organizations in their pursuit of additional funding opportunities.

 Objective 1.2  Expand access to health insurance benefits for ASD services.

      1.2.1  Identify and engage organizations that utilize self-funded insurance plans to increase ASD coverage.

      1.2.2  Advocate with the Nevada Division of Insurance and/or the legislature to establish a directive which aligns health insurance products with the Affordable Care Act.

      1.2.3  Ensure legally mandated ASD health insurance benefits are delivered, tracked and enforced.

      1.2.4  New objective add Expand health insurance coverage for ASD services through 26 years of age.or lifespan.  

 Objective 1.3  Expand Medicaid coverage for ASD services throughout the lifespan.

      1.3.1  Advocate for Medicaid coverage which supports ASD screening, diagnosis and treatment.

     1.3.2  Identify and ensure that Medicaid reimbursement rates are sufficient to support access to services.

      1.3.3  Expand Medicaid coverage for ASD services through adulthood (age 21 or 26).

 Objective 1.4  Establish a self-directed care option for individuals in Nevada.

       1.4.1  Advocate for legislation that enacts a person-centered self-directed care option and supports it with sufficient funding.

      1.4.2   Collaborate with ADSD, DHCFP, other public agencies and private providers to educate and train all Nevadans with ASD and their families on person-centered planning.

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