Communication Access Services (CAS)

Nevada’s Communication Access Programs are funded by telephone users through a small monthly surcharge on phone lines in the state (NRS 427A.797). Funds are collected by the Public Utilities Commission and administered through ADSD.

    Community Based Services

    The following services are available free of charge through our community partners: 

    • Telecommunications Equipment and Assistive Technology - includes distribution and training on equipment and assistive technology to help individuals who have hearing, and speech disabilities access the telecommunications system. 
      • Services are available statewide through the University of Nevada’s equipment distribution program.   
        • Access to Services – helps individuals with speech and hearing disabilities in     accessing services, specifically employment, education, health and social     services.   • Language Acquisition – includes deaf coaching and American Sign            Language (ASL) classes.
      • Deaf Coaching – provides role modeling for children and families to help in language development. This service is provided statewide by Nevada Hands and Voices  
      • ASL classes – provides ASL instruction for individuals who have a hearing disability, family members of individuals who have a hearing disability, or those who provide services for individuals who have a hearing disability. This service is provided statewide by Communication Services for the Deaf (CSD). Classes will begin at the end of February 2022.  

      Relay Nevada

      This service enables people with speech and hearing disabilities to use specialized telecommunications equipment to access the phone system. This service is provided by T-Mobile.

      To use the Relay Nevada Service, dial 7-1-1. 

      Interpreter/CART Website

      ADSD is required by NRS 656A to maintain a registry of individuals engaged in the practice of interpreting and captioning.

      Interpreter Request

      If you are a State agency and you need an interpreter, you may contract with one through any of the interpreting agencies on the State's Master Services Agreement (MSA) by clicking here.

      If you have any additional questions, please contact Jennifer Montoya at or via video phone at 775-434-0237.

        Contact Information

        Jennifer Montoya - CAS Program Manager
        Aging and Disability Services Division
        (775) 434-0237 (VP/Voice) (775) 431-0135 (text only)

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