Developmental Services - Service Coordination

The purpose of Service Coordination (Developmental Services Targeted Case Management) is to provide service coordination to individuals and families in developing a community-based, person-centered life plan focused on individual needs and preferences. The Service Coordinator is responsible for the overall coordination of services and resources for the person and family, providing health and welfare assurances, and meeting federal and state regulations and requirements for Title XIX (Medicaid) and other sources of funding, including the Home and Community Based Services Waiver.

    Target Population

    Individuals of all ages who meet the eligibility criteria for intellectual disability and/or related conditions as established by NRS 433.174 and NRS 433.


      Developmental Services uses a person-centered approach in the development of the Individual Service Plan (ISP) which is the tool that drives the service delivery to the individual served. The ISP reflects the services and supports needed to support the person/family in reaching desired outcomes and to become more independent, integrated into the community and capable of functioning fully as a citizen. Items to be included in the plan include specific goals to focus on for the coming year, methods to be used to achieve the goals, the services to be provided to the person/family, time frame for delivery of services, costs, and the responsibilities of each of the team members. Services shall maximize each individual’s independence, capabilities, and satisfaction with services and involve a collaboration of team members.

      The intent of Service Coordination is to assist recipients in gaining access to needed medical, social, educational, housing, vocational, transportation needs and other support services including natural supports. Targeted Case Management is specific to those eligible for DS services under the Medicaid State plan and includes assessment, care planning, referral/linkage and monitoring/follow-up.

        For more information about Service Coordination, please contact the Desert Regional Center.

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