How to File a Complaint Against an Interpreter or CART Provider


Betty Hammond
Aging and Disability Services Division
Voice: (775) 687-2492 VP: (775) 434-0237

Interpreter/CART Registry - How to file a complaint against an interpreter or CART provider:





 The online complaint form can be found at:

Or, from the ADSD homepage: > programs> programs for persons with physical disabilities > Interpreter Registry > complaint form

Complaints will also be accepted via phone, email or mail, directed to:

Betty A. Hammond, MSW, CRC, NIC

Relay Administrator

Department of Health and Human Services

Aging & Disability Services Division

3416 Goni Rd., Ste D-132

Carson City, NV 89706

Voice: (775) 687-2492

Video Phone: (775) 434-0237

Relay: 7-1-1



The only people who can file a complaint are those who are party to and aware of the alleged violation. The Division receives the complaint and decides if it has merit. 

If the Division finds the complaint has merit, the Division will:

  1. Direct the complain to the provider's certifying body; or
  2. Assign an investigative committee; or
  3. An investigative committee will consist of:
  • One program specialist from the Division
  • One person who is deaf or HoH, and
  • One service provider who is registered
    • Each member must sign a confidentiality agreement and not have a conflict of interest in the outcome.
    •  Utilize the services of a mediator certified by RID; or
    •  Intervene if agreed upon.

 Note: RID will not accept complaints from the Division.Their policy requires that complaints come only from consumers.  Consumers can direct their complaints to RID’s Ethical Practices System if they know the interpreter is certified by RID. Information can be found at: