CSPD Subcommittee on Communication Services for Persons Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing and Persons with Speech Disabilities

Committee Members

Gary Olsen
Chair (2/15/12-2/14/15)
Experience with or an interest in and knowledge of the problems of and services for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or Speech impaired.
(775) 434-0278
Mike Eifert
(Permanent Member)
Executive Director of the Nevada Telecommunications Association or a member who represents the telecommunications industry.
(775) 827-0191
Cynthia Roller
Parent of Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or Speech impaired.
(775) 351-1959
Jeff Beardsley
Angela Greer
Nevada Association of the Deaf or a member who acts on the behalf of a membership organization representing persons who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or Speech Impaired.
(702) 330-8740
Betty Hammond
Aging and Disability Services Division
Employee of the Division (Permanent Member)
Eli Schwartz
Salvatore Fiorentino