Olmstead/Strategic Planning Subcommittee of the COA SPAC and CSPD SOCS

Mission Statement

The Subcommittee’s mission shall be to serve in an advisory capacity as a resource to the Division in recommending policy for and the development and implementation of telecommunications services, equipment distribution and advocacy for Nevadans with communication disabilities.


    The Subcommittee acts as a liaison between Telecommunication service providers, service programs and the community. NRS 427A.797 authorizes the provision of telecommunications access for people who are deaf or have severely impaired speech or hearing. The law mandates the Division develop a registry for interpreters for the Deaf and Caption providers. The group acts a subcommittee to, and will report to the Nevada Commission on Services for Persons with Disabilities through the Social Services Program Specialist responsible for the aforementioned services.

      Olmstead/Strategic Planning Subcommittee

      Aging and Disability Services Division Administrative Office

      3416 Goni Road, Suite D-132
      Carson City, NV 89706
      (775) 687-4210