Community Resources for Coronavirus

Supporting Older Adults and People at Higher Risk in Nevada

This page includes resources and information for community members and providers.  

    Nevada CAN - Rapid Response

    The Nevada COVID-19 Aging Network (Nevada CAN) rapid response ensures all Nevadans who are vulnerable have access to medical, social, and daily essential items at home, reducing the risk of exposure to and impact of COVID-19.  For more information or to request help, visit the Nevada CAN website.

    Nevada CAN Reports

    Coronavirus Resources

    1) Nevada Information and Updates: NV Health Response
    Includes status updates on cases as well as a planning resources.


    2) Decision Aid for Activities: Decision Aid Tool

    Developed by the Gerontological Society of America to help older adults decide whether or not to interact with people or take part in activities outside their home.

    3) Centers for Disease Control: Coronavirus Resources
    Includes information on preparation, prevention, and symptoms.

    4) ACL Guide: Aging and Disability Network Resources
    Includes program specific resources, emergency planning toolkits, and other guidance for providers. 


    5) Advancing States: Federal FAQs

    A collection of federal resources and FAQs from Advancing States.


    6) SAMSHA Guide: Taking Care of Your Behavioral Health.

    Tips for Social Distancing, Quarantine, and Isolation During an Infectious Disease Outbreak.


      Nevada Resources

        Tips and Tools

        Healthcare and Prescriptions

        • Delivery Services – many major pharmacies offer prescription delivery or drive- thru options.  Major chains have announced free home delivery options.  Contact your local pharmacy to learn about your options. 
        • Additionally, many insurance companies are starting to announce the availability of 90 day refills to help individuals be prepared. Contact your insurance company to ask about this and other options.  
        •  Division of Healthcare Financing and Policy (NV Medicaid) - Information and Resources


          It is recommended for high risk populations to stock up on shelf-stable food. Many major chains such as Walmart, Vons, and Smith’s offer drive up food or food delivery services. Some individuals may need assistance with these services as they often require access to the internet. Local markets may also offer grocery delivery services. 

          As of 3/17/2020, many major national chains in Nevada have made special shopping hours for individuals age 60 and above also.  

          The Governor’s Food Security Council and the Office of Food Security has started to develop a list of resources. These will be available on their website.

          Nevada's food banks are also working with many community partners to ensure people have access during this time.  Southern Nevada: Three Square | Northern Nevada: Food Bank of Northern Nevada

            Additional Tips

            •  Many city and county government services are being adjusted. Please check with your local municipality to learn more about local services. 
            • Nextdoor Launches Help Map - join Nextdoor and learn about their help map to offer help or get help from your neighbors. 
            •  Tips to Avoid Scams - Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford warns of scams to avoid during this time of vulnerability. 


              Protecting Yourself and Staff

              The following are the tips from the CDC to protect yourself and others from the spread of virus.

              1) Wash hands frequently
              2) Avoid close contact with people who are sick
              3) Stay home if you’re sick
              4) Cover coughs and sneezes
              5) Use face masks and gloves if you are caring for someone who is sick.
              6) Clean and disinfect equipment and common areas regularly

              The CDC has Resources for Community and Faith-Based Leaders with interim guidance, checklists, and other tools for helping to protect your team. 

                Provider Information and FAQs

                As ADSD receives questions from our community partners and subrecipients, we will update the Frequently Asked Questions.