Task Force on Alzheimer’s Disease (TFAD) Members

Charles Duarte

1A-Arepresentative from an association that provides services to persons withAlzheimer's disease

Senator Marilyn Dondero Loop

2A- Legislator

Dr. Marwan N. Sabbagh

1B-A Medical representative from an association that provides services topersons with Alzheimer's disease

Assemblywoman Leslie Cohen

2B- Member of Assembly

Dr. Jennifer Carson

1C- Caregivers for persons withcognitive disorders

Dr. Peter Reed - Chair

1D-NSHE with Expertise in Cognitive Disorders.

Wendy Knorr

1E-A representative of providers of service for persons with cognitive disorders

Gini Cunningham

1F-A representative from a rural area of the state

Tina Dortch - Vice Chair

1G- Department of Health and Human Services ADSD

Connie Johnson

1H-Member at Large