ATAP Insurance Assistance Plan FAQ

What is the Autism Treatment Assistance Program?

ATAP is a statewide program that provides temporary support and funding to pay for evidence-based treatment and therapy for children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). ATAP is not a medical necessity program; however, ATAP offers a variety of plans to enable choice while supporting evidence-based treatments.

My child has ATAP and another funding source, why can’t ATAP cover all costs?

ATAP is the payer of last resort, and any other available funding such as Nevada Medicaid or health insurance benefits must be utilized prior to ATAP funding. ATAP will cover up to $500/month with a maximum of $6000/annually.

What if my child has a primary insurance with ABA coverage and Medicaid as secondary?

Your child must be with a provider that accepts their primary insurance and accepts Medicaid.

Why does ATAP need my Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) for my child’s services?

Your Developmental Specialist will request copies of the EOBs you receive from your insurance company for your child’s ABA therapy to ensure that the funding ATAP provides is applied to patient responsibility.

My child has ATAP and a current Medicaid MCO insurance, what does this mean?

Due to ATAP and Nevada Medicaid MCO being state agencies, funding and case management cannot be accessed through both agencies. Therefore, if your child is currently with a provider that is accessing your Medicaid MCO, then your Developmental Specialist will exit you from ATAP no later than December 1st, 2018.

How does my child get materials?

Your child’s provider will complete a Materials Request Form which is then submitted for review to your Developmental Specialist for appropriateness of materials. Materials are for programming purposes only and are to assist your child in reaching their programing goals. *Materials are granted based upon availability of funding.

How much does my child get for materials?

Each child is allowed a maximum of $500.00 throughout the lifetime of their ATAP programming. Developmental Specialists will track your child’s ongoing materials budget. Any materials purchased using your child’s materials funding are your child’s property.

Does ATAP provide funds for Translation services?

Yes, up to $500 per month to be utilized during provider monthly supervision and parent training.