Food Safety Training (Title III-C Nutrition Grantees)

ADSD Tutorial (Revised January 2014)

  1. Review the ADSD Food Safety Tutorial.
  2. Take Exam - Determine the best answer for each question.
  3. Record answers on the Exam Answer Sheet.
  4. Fax or email the completed answer sheet to your ADSD Resource Development (RD) Specialist. Contact information is on the answer sheet.
  5. The RD Specialist will grade the test. If a passing score is achieved, a certificate of completion will be mailed or emailed to your manager.

As an alternative to taking ADSD's free food safety tutorial to meet the training requirements set forth in the Nutrition Service Specifications, for individuals other then the director and head cook, III-C grantees may require all food service-related staff and volunteers to take one of the following, or another course pre-approved by your RD Specialist (training documentation must be available for review by the RD Specialist):

ServSafe Food Safety Training

Program directors and head cooks of Title III-C nutrition programs are required to take and pass ServSafe training and maintain certification (Nutrition Service Specifications, 2.9)

Please use the links below to find a class near you.

Contact you Resource Development Specialist if you need assistance finding a class.

    ServSafe Training Reimbursement

    ADSD will reimburse expenses related to the required ServSafe training of the nutrition program director and head cook. Expenses will also be reimbursed for a site manager if the program manager is not housed on-site. To request reimbursement, please fill out and submit the file below per the instructions contained in the file.