Waiver for Person’s with Physical Disabilities (PD)

Program Overview:

Waiver services are provided to individuals with a physical disability who, without waiver services, would require institutional care in a nursing facility within thirty days. All services provided are based on need and determined by an assessment. Our services are in addition to Medicaid health care coverage.

   Who is Eligible? 


Individuals throughout Nevada, age 18 or older, in need of supportive services to live independently, which have been diagnosed with a physical disability that substantially limits their ability to complete normal activities of daily living.




Program Requirements:

  • Must be determined financially eligible for Home & Community Based Waiver (HCBW) by the Department of Welfare and Supportive Services (DWSS.)
  • Recipient must have individual monthly income of less than $2199.00.
  • Liquid assets of less than $2,000.00.
  • Recipient does not need to be Medicaid eligible at time of referral but does need to be eligible once a slot is allocated.
  • Recipient must meet and maintain a level of care, showing that you would be eligible for admission to a nursing facility. (LOC 3 score & at least 1 ADL)
  • Recipient must demonstrate a continued need for a HCBW service to prevent placement in a nursing facility.
  • Recipient must be certified as physically disabled by ADSD disability determination team including certification by individual’s physician that the disability is a permanent condition.



    Services Available:

    • Attendant Care Services – Assistance with personal care services when Medicaid health care limits are exhausted.
    • Homemaker Services – Help with general housekeeping tasks such as laundry or shopping if you are unable to manage these activities.
    • Chore Services – Services to maintain a clean, sanitary and safe home environment, when neither you, nor anyone else in the household, is capable.
    • Respite Services – Short term care in the absence of, or need for, relief of caregivers.
    • Assisted Residential Care – Services to participants who reside in a home-like non –institutional setting that provides 24 hours onsite response to meet resident needs.
    • Environmental Accessibility Adaptations – Modifications to your private residence that are necessary for your health, welfare, and safety.
    • Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) – Individual emergency response system for those who live alone or are alone for extended periods of time.
    • Home Delivered Meals – Provides meals to persons at risk to institutional care because of inadequate nutrition.
    • Specialized Medical Equipment and Supplies – Equipment and supplies not available through Medicaid health care.
    • Case Management as needed – Identifies resources and assists recipients in locating and gaining access to waiver services, as well as needed medical, social, educational and other services regardless of the funding source.
    • PD waiver policies follow a course of procedures to ensure that Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS)  427A.791 and regulations as contained in Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 427A.675-427A.770 are achieved.



      For more information about this program, go to the internet and type in adsd.nv.gov for complete information on available programs and services.

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