Need an Interpreter or CART Provider

Hiring an Interpreter

If you are requesting interpreting services for a Nevada Executive Branch Agency, see below.

    Nevada Executive Branch Agencies Hiring an Interpreter

    Here are the general steps to take when Sign Language interpreting services are requested:

    1.  Ask the requester if there is a requisite or preferred certification type, and/or preferred interpreter/interpreters, and which referral agency he/she/they can be requested through, if known.

    2.  Contact an interpreter referral agency and request interpreter services. (Do not contact individuals listed on the registry directly, there is no guarantee the individual has the appropriate licensing/insurance to do business with the State. Working with individuals without using an interpreter referral agency creates unnecessary risk for the State. Additionally, contacting/contracting with individuals directly undermines the profession of interpreting, and creates risk for interpreters to not receive payment.)

    The State has contracts with the interpreter referral agencies listed at here:

    State of Nevada Purchasing Division

    Be prepared to provide:

    • the deaf client’s name,
    • preferred interpreter(s) if applicable,
    • date and time of requested service,
    • number of interpreters needed (usually a 2-hour minimum, and anything over 30 minutes needs 2 interpreters, cancellation fees apply if not given enough notice)
    • job situation (interview, meeting, etc.)
    • company booking interpreter and billing address
    • requester’s name, phone and email
    • job site name, address and nearest cross street
    • dress code

    3. Make sure you receive confirmation that interpreting services will be provided. (Interpreter referral agencies will sometimes confirm that a request has been received, but this is not a guarantee that interpreting services will be provided. Usually, a separate confirmation of services will include the names of interpreters)

    4. Keep a copy of all confirmations from the interpreter referral agency.

    5. If necessary, make note of any last-minute changes in interpreting situation (if the meeting goes over the anticipated time, for example)

    6. Compare notes/confirmation with invoice when it’s received, before processing payment.