Nevada Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) - Adult Services and Resources Subcommittee

Adult Services and Resources Subcommittee

CASD Goal:Understand the needs of the ever-growing adolescent and young adult population with ASD and determine how best to meet their unique needs.


Objective: Expand and develop new service plans that will provide them with the opportunity to reach their potential, live as independently as possible and have a good quality of life.


Objective 2.3: Promote and legislatively advocate for policies and funding which deliver self-directed, person-centered services for adults.

     2.3.1  Collaborate with the Governor's Task Force on Integrated Employment to advocate for and ensure that the employment needs and choices of Nevadans with ASD are identified, understood and addressed.

     2.3.2  Promote entrepreneurial enterprise and business creation opportunities for Nevadans with ASD to:

                 -Governor's Office of Economic Development

                 -Local and state agencies

                 -Private for-profit and non-profit entities

     2.3.3  Collaborate with ADSD, DHCFP, Commission on Services for Persons with Disabilities, providers and recipients to establish policies and systems which enable Nevadans with disabilities, including ASD, to self-select their own residential setting.

     2.3.4   Compile and adopt service standards for adults over the age of 21, living with ASD.  Standards may cover issues such as:

                  -Eligibility for Services


                  -Higher Education & Employment Assistance

                  -Housing Options and Supports

                  -Family Supports

     2.3.5  Advocate for public policies and funding allocations that support service standard implementation.


Objective 2.4  Promote and legislatively advocate for policies and funding which adequately meet the needs of individuals with ASD living in rural and frontier areas of the state.

     2.4.1  Research, identify and advocate for alternative approaches to providing ASD services in rural communities.

     2.4.2  Advocate for rural parity in ASD services provided through school districts.

     2.4.3  Advocate with NEIS and ATAP for funding to support travel expenses for families when accessing services are unavailable in local community.

     2.4.4  Coordinate with state service providers to utilize mobile clinics and tele-medicine for treatment, services and supports.

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