Resources for Title III-C Nutrition Programs


Checklists, Screening Forms, Storage Charts

DRI Menus and Recipes

If you do not find a recipe for an item listed in a DRI menu (e.g., chicken egg roll), the item should be bought pre-made. Do not use mini or jumbo-sized products.  

Have a menu you would like added to the list? Please contact your Grants and Projects Specialist (GPS), or use the contact form above and we will contact you for more information. We will need the full menu and associated recipes. You may also submit recipes and request a menu be created that meet the DRI requirements of the Older Americans Act. Also, use the form above to submit questions, concerns or suggestions.
Menus and Recipes - Revised January 2018

Food Safety Training

Nutrition Education

Nutrition education is required no less than semi-annually. The links below represent a sampling of websites that provide nutrition education materials. A variety of materials are available online.

Sample Forms and Procedures